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Clematis Reference Guide

Clematis Types:

Mid Season - Big Flowers:
Flowers from May to June on previous season's growth. Heavy blooms May-June followed by second smaller flush in September on current season's growth.

Dr. Ruppel Clematis | Elsa Spaeth Clematis | Marie Louise Jensen Clematis | Miss Bateman Clematis | Nelly Moser Clematis | Pink Champagne Clematis | Sunset Clematis

Blooms simultaneous on last year's and current season's growth from June to September.

Dr. Ruppel Clematis | Henryi Clematis | Niobe Clematis

Late Season:
Blooms on new, current season's growth. Last year's stems will not bloom and can be pruned in late winter/early spring.

Comtesse De Bouchard Clematis | Earnest Markham Red Clematis | Jackmanii Clematis | Lady Betty Balfour Clematis | Polish Spirit Clematis | Sweet Summer Love Clematis | Viticella Rubra Clematis

Non-vining, but would benefit from some support. Blooms into early summer. Dies back completely every year.

Violet Stardust Clematis

Sweet Autumn Clematis:
For Partial Shade! Fragrant Sweet Autumn blooms from September to October on current year's growth.

Sweet Autumn Clematis