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tree availability
Tree Availability

Over 800 acres are designated for field material. Approximately 30-33,000 trees are planted each year, and 28-30,000 trees are dug annually.

shrub availability
Shrub Availability

More than 55 acres are committed to our container stock production. Automated potting equipment allows our crews to pot up to 10,000 plants daily.

perennial availability
Perennial Availability

Perennials grown on the farm total over 400,000 annually and are potted from bare root divisions and large plugs.


roses availability
Rose Availability

Our selection of roses is vast - growing 30,000 roses annually from the newest cultivars to the timeless favorites of the past.

poinsettia availability
Poinsettia Availability

For Christmas we offer over 9,000 poinsettias! Our greenhouses are packed with every color you can imagine!

annuals availability
Annual Availability

Over 1 acre of greenhouse affords Acorn Farms to grow a wide variety of annuals that provide color in every season. From Spring through Fall we offer annuals in containers, flats, hanging baskets, mixed patio pots, etc.


mums availability
Mum Availability

Our mums number 38,000+ in every color in the rainbow! They come in various sizes ranging from #3 containers to bushel and peck baskets.

bulb availabililty
Bulb Availability

Our Spring flowering bulbs are perfect for that burst of color you need when the snow finally melts. Our selections include tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, alliums and crocus.

hardgood availability
Hardgood Availability

Extensive supply of hard goods to help you with your project.