Founded in 1976 as a Central Ohio wholesale nursery and tree farm on a 47 acre tract in the Alum Creek Valley of Central Ohio, Acorn Farms continues to grow and expand offering over 800 acres of the highest quality shade and ornamental trees and 45 acres of container stock including wholesale shrubs, perennials, annuals, succulents, poinsettias, mums, and seasonal plants. Sales are generated by both on and off site staff, with truck delivery to the east coast and midwest areas within 250 miles.

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We offer diverse products and provide timely service, which has afforded Acorn Farms the opportunity to expand rapidly without compromising quality to become a leading producer of wholesale nursery stock.

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Acorn Farms Inc operates as a wholesale dealer of nursery stock and goods. We sell wholesale trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, succulents, poinsettias, mums, seasonal plants and hard goods to the landscape, horticultural and municipal professionals on a pre-approved basis. Anyone wishing to purchase from Acorn Farms must make application to become a wholesale customer. Acorn Farms, Inc. will select its customer base, and re-evaluate existing customers in order to protect the integrity of our wholesale business.

Please do not send retail customers to buy nursery plant stock through any person entitled to wholesale prices. If you choose to do so, retail prices will be charged and your wholesale status reviewed.

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am-4:30 pm

Sat: closed til March/April
(weather dependent
- please call ahead)

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  • Featured Plants - Acer pse. 'North Wind'

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    North Wind® Maple

    Acer pseudoboldianum 'IsINW'

    #3, #5, 1.5" Box containers available

    Ht. 20' x Wt. 15'

    Multi season interest with this tree! Developed for extreme hardiness, with the appearance of a Japanese Maple, North Wind will withstand the extreme temperature changes in the Midwest. Its foliage emerges bright red in spring, maturing to green by midsummer. Orange and scarlet tones develop for fall. A beautiful small specimen tree!

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    Featured Plant - Athyrium 'Red Beauty'

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    Red Beauty Painted Fern

    Athyrium niponicum 'Red Beauty'

    #1 containers available

    Ht. 15-20" - Wt. 12-18"

    Texture and color for shady gardens! 'Red Beauty' featured grey-green fronds with contrasting veins and stems that are burgundy red. This upright fern is a vigorous grower and has a tidy habit. Mass in the shaded gardens with plants that have bold foliage for an interesting display.

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    Pansy Cool Wave - 6 in

    click image

    Cool Wave® Spreading Pansies

    Viola wittrockiana (Cool Wave® Pansy)

    H. 6-8" x W. 24-30"

    Spread some seasonal color with Cool Wave® Pansies! These fast growers have a trailing habit, and will quickly fill areas with happy, colorful flowers. Their form makes them ideal for containers and hanging baskets too. Provide a layer of mulch for winter, and they'll come back again in Spring!

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