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Acorn Farms Inc was founded in 1976 as a Central Ohio wholesale nursery and tree farm on a 80 acre tract in the Alum Creek Valley of Central Ohio, Acorn Farms continues to grow and expand offering over 800 acres of the highest quality shade and ornamental trees and 45 acres of container stock including wholesale shrubs, perennials, annuals, succulents, poinsettias, mums, and seasonal plants. Sales are generated by both on and off site staff, with truck delivery to the East Coast (including New York, Long Island, New England, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, and to the Midwest areas including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, W. Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and more.

We offer diverse products and provide timely service, which has afforded Acorn Farms the opportunity to expand rapidly without compromising quality to become a leading producer of wholesale nursery stock.

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Sweet Summer Panicle Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata 'Bokrathirteen' PP21,778

H. 4-5' x S. 4-5'

Sweet Summer produces dense flower panicles up to 5" long. Flowers emerge white and slowly turn soft pink. The pink coloration starts at the base of the bloom, providing a pretty two-toned effect. Lovely as a single specimen, and fantastic in groupings.

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Azure Snow Salvia

Salvia Color Spires® 'Azure Snow' PP30,534

H. 18-24" x S. 18-24"

Salvia is a pollinator favorite! 'Azure Snow' has showy spikes of flowers which are violet blue and white bi-color. Its mounded foliage is fragrant and attractive all season. Cut back spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

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Calico Ornamental Pepper

Capsicum annuum 'Calico'

H. 12-14" x S. 14-16"


Variegated foliage lets this Ornamental Pepper shine even before it sets fruit! Its foliage is dark purple, green, and cream, and forms a tidy, uniform mound. Shiny purple fruit are produced in late summer and last into fall.



Skip the wait and give your clients the instant privacy and design they need! Close to 20 varieties to choose from and all offered in biodegradable cardboard to make for faster planting. InstantHedge™ simplifies the design and planning stages and speeds up installations so you can quickly move on to your next job.


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The perennial pad is poppin'! Check out our Perennial Highlights and grower notes - so many are in bud and bloom!


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So let's say you need to see all 2" caliper trees that have red fall color, or how about 40 3 gallon red flowering perennials, or all above ground 2" maples ... this Availability Search will show you! Checkmark what interests you and have it generate a pdf, Excel worksheet or print it! Email it to us if you need a quote - Try it! There's one in our Members Area with pricing.




Check out our new releases! Here's a quick snapshot of what we have fresh from our West Field. Everything is looking great and ready to sell!




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