Our Farm Highlights - Wish You Were Here!

Highlights of our Facilities at Acorn Farms Inc.

GALENA: Founded in 1976, Acorn Farms has grown to become a leading supplier of nursery stock in Ohio and surrounding states. Our Galena Distribution Center is centrally located 15 miles north of downtown Columbus. Our Distribution Center is designated to the production of container-grown deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees, perennial, and greenhouse-grown seasonal plants. Along with plants, we offer a selection of hardgoods to complete a landscape project. This location serves as our only location for customer pick-up. This is the main facility for local deliveries and out of state deliveries. Our offices and administrative facilities are located here as well. Here's a 360 view!

FREDRICKTOWN/LOVE RD: Also located in Fredericktown, Ohio, our second field production facility boasts beautiful growing conditions and gently rolling hills. The drainage afforded by the terrain at this site is well-suited for growing evergreen trees and shrubs, and deciduous material is grown here as well. Together with our Sparta location, approximately 55,000 trees are planted annually, from shade and ornamental deciduous trees to evergreen trees and shrubs.

FREDRICKTOWN/SPARTA RD: Located in Fredericktown, Ohio, lies one of our two field production sites. The property is utilized primarily for the production of field-grown deciduous and evergreen trees. As one of the coldest counties in Ohio, it is an ideal site to grow hardy plant material that will prosper in Ohio’s harsh winters. Together with our Knox location, more than 26,000 trees are dug annually with truncated tree spades. Trees are delivered directly to jobsites, garden centers, or sent to our Galena Distribution Center for customer pick up or delivery.

ZANESVILLE: Acorn Farms’ Zanesville, Ohio facility is located 70 miles east of our Galena Distribution Center. This facility serves as our primary propagation center. Produced here are deciduous and evergreen shrubs, as well as perennials and grasses. Propagation is done principally through cuttings, and are both field and container grown. The finished product is then shipped to our Galena Distribution Center, where it is offered for sale.