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Founded in 1976, Acorn Farms Inc., located at 7679 Worthington Rd, Galena, OH 43021, has grown to become a leading supplier of nursery stock in Ohio and surrounding states. Our Galena Distribution Center is centrally located 15 miles north of downtown Columbus. Our Distribution Center is designated to the production of container-grown deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees, perennial, and greenhouse-grown seasonal plants. Along with plants, we offer a selection of hardgoods to complete a landscape project. This location serves as our only location for customer pick-up. This is the main facility for local deliveries and out of state deliveries. Our offices and administrative facilities are located here as well.

We have one of the largest re-wholesale redistribution centers in the Midwest. We also have one of the most diverse pallets of plant material offered in the region, if not the US. Over 620 acres are designated for growing trees and shrubs. Approximately 30-33 thousand shade and ornamental trees are planted each year, and 28-30 thousand trees are dug annually. We grow both shade and ornamental trees and evergreen trees and shrubs ranging in size from 1.5" to 5" caliper as well as deciduous trees from #5 to #25 containers.

More than 80 acres are committed to container stock production/sales yard in Galena. Automated potting equipment allows our crews to pot up to 10,000 plants daily. An extensive selection of deciduous and evergreen shrubs are available in #2 and #7 containers as well as roses, vines, topiary and specimen material. We grow 30,000 roses annually from the newest cultivars to timeless favorites of the past.

Perennials grown on the farm and in Zanesville total close to 400,000 annually and are potted from bare root divisions and large plugs. Several cultivars are also propagated here and in Zanesville. Perennials are available in Trade 1, #1 or #2 containers, and a wide selection of ornamental grasses are also grown. New varieties are offered each year, as well as all of the old favorites.

Annuals & Seasonal:
Over 1 acre of greenhouse grows a wide variety of annuals and seasonal items that provide color for every season. We offer annuals in containers, flats, and hanging baskets. Over 9,000 poinsettias, 38,000 mums and a wide assortment of succulents and bulbs are available seasonally!