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6-7 Feet Tall 6 Feet Wide--

Prunus fruticosa x cerasus 'Carmine Jewel' is commonly referred to as Carmine Jewel Dwarf Cherry. This new kind of hardy dwarf cherry combines sweet with tart for delicious pies and cobblers. It has a dwarf, bushy habit with clusters of delicious, dark red fruit in August. It can easily double as an ornamental landscape feature with its pretty pink and white flowers in spring and dark green, disease resistant foliage with zero suckers. It can yield 15+ pounds of fruit by the fourth year and 20-30 pounds in its fifth year!

Carmine Jewel is easy to grow and thrives in full sun in nutrient-rich, evenly moist, well-drained soils.

Prunus fruticosa x cerasus 'Carmine Jewel'

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Color Attribute: red sweet cherry fruit

US Hardiness Zone: 3


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