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We are Wholesale Only.  We restrict pricing solely to active customers.  If you are in the business of reselling plant material, have an active Nursery Dealer's Certificate, and have read our Statement of Policy, please fill out our Customer Application, sign it, and send it back to us along with a copy of your Nursery Dealer's Certificate.  

NOTE:  If you had a Members Area login, it will no longer work here.  Due to our upgrade, you will need to REGISTER for a new login.  You do not need to send us another Customer Application.  You just need to register for this Online Shop so you can gain access to our secure portal.  Registration takes only a few minutes.  Because we need to verify your account with us, it takes a human to do this so if we are at lunch or closed, it may take a bit longer, but we will email you once you are activated.

All plants in the Online Shop are ABOVE-GROUND.  Contact your sales rep for DIG quotes/orders

All orders are based on your terms with us.  The cart submits your order and an Acknowledgement is emailed to you by your sales rep. No money is requested via the shopping cart.  We will invoice you later.

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NOTE: The online Shop gets updated every Monday and Thursday afternoon. When fresh availability gets imported, the items in your cart may change based on the current availability.  If you notice deletions, it is because we are out of stock.  Always review your cart before submitting.

There is a 25% restocking fee if the order is pre-pulled and not picked up within 5 days from pick up date specified when order is placed.

As always, we offer the convenience of Availability Lists, Specials flyers and Annual Order Forms.  They are found within our Members Area under 'Member Area Links'.  Questions? Email: Angie - angelas@acornfarms.com


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