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60 Feet Tall 60 Feet Wide--

The Fagus grandifolia is commonly known as the American Beech. It is native to eastern North America. The American Beech is a large deciduous low-branched tree that has a dense, upright, oval to rounded spreading crown. It has long, horizontal spreading branches and distinctive thin, smooth, gray bark that retains its smoothness through its life. Its elliptic dark green leaves turn golden bronze in autumn.

The American Beech is a majestically large tree for a large space. All types of wildlife enjoy its beechnuts.

Fagus grandifolia

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Color Attribute: yellow fall color

US Hardiness Zone: 4


  • Product Code:0166

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Tags: FAGUS GRANDIFOLIA, AMERICAN BEECH, DECIDUOUS TREE, yellow fall color, Full Sun, FAGUS, BEECH, yellow fall color Full Sun FAGUS