Pinus strobus

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Genus: PINUS
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Height: 60 Feet Tall
Spread: 20-30 Feet Wide
Color: green foliage
Full Sun Plants
Full Sun Evergreen Tree Plants
Evergreen Tree
Zone: 3
drought tolerant *             native *  

Grower Notes:

Pinus strobus is commonly referred to as the Eastern White Pine or simply White Pine. It is a rapid-growing evergreen tree that is native to the northeastern US and Canada. Its habit starts pyramidal and ages to a broad oval with an irregular crown. The White Pine has soft blue-green needles and cylindrical brown cones after 5-10 years. It can be sheared for a tight Christmas tree appearance or sheared lightly for a more open and natural appearance.

The White Pine enjoys cool summer locations. It thrives in full sun in well-drained soils. It is ideal for lawns or parks and may be planted as a hedge or as a privacy screen.

PINUS STROBUS 5-6 ft 520
PINUS STROBUS 6-7 ft 1150
PINUS STROBUS 7-8 ft 600
PINUS STROBUS 8-10 ft 340
PINUS STROBUS 10-12 ft 10

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