H20 Labor Saver

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H20 Labor Saver

H20 Labor Saver

H20 Labor Saver basket liner
insert is replantable

The 23" H2O Labor Saver improves cities' carbon footprint with less waste going to our landfills. The pots can be recycled if need be and are already made with recycled plastic!
* Weighs 60-75 lbs: soil, water, plants
* 2.46 gallon water reservoir
* Overflow feature to prevent over watering
* Withstands heat to 220° F and cold to -40° F
* Available in sleek black
* Extra removable liners available
* Wicking for extra water absorption
* Recycled pots improve carbon footprint w/less waste
* Hanging options:
-black four strand swivel
-chrome utility chain
* Adaptable pole mounts available (sold separately)

The Weekender Basket Info


hoop hanger
Our special Hoop Hangers are also available for both the H2O Labor Saver and The Weekender hanging baskets as single holders or doubles. Once flowers grow, the hangers disappear making it look like the flowers are floating!

The brackets fit most poles - larger poles may incur additional cost (Iron pricing is subject to change)