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Lily Types:

Asiatic Lily
Asiatic Lilies are native to several areas of Asia. They are easy to care for and the earliest to bloom in the Lily family. Asiatics are fragrance free and come in so many vibrant colors - some even have double blooms! They thrive in all types of soil as long as it is well-drained (add some sand for drainage). These lilies multiply quickly and their bulbs can double every season.

LA Hybrid Lily
L.A. Hybrid Lilies were introduce back in 1992 and are a cross between longiflorum lilies (Easter Lily) and Asiatic hybrids. They get their trumpet shape and longer vase life from the longiflorum, and their warmer flower colors and upward-facing habit from the Asiatic. They have strong, sturdy stems for cutting and are perfect in containers, beds and borders.

Oriental Lily
Oriental Lilies are native to Japan. They are late bloomers - blooming when Asiatic lilies start to fade. They grow considerably taller than Asiatics and are perfect for cut flowers due to their thick, strong stems and heavily fragrance. Yes - they are very fragrant! Their leaves are wider and grows more heart-shaped and their flowers are star-shaped. Their bulbs multiply slower than Asiatic lilies and thrive in well-drained, organic soil.


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