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  • Featured Plants - Gnome® Firethorn

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    Gnome® Firethorn

    Pyracantha angustifolia 'Gnozam' USPP

    H. 6' S. 8'
    #3 15-18" and #5 24-30" containers available

    Ornamental fruit is taking center stage in the landscape, and Gnome® produces them in abundance! Its large clusters of orange berries persist well into winter too. An excellent choice for hedging, and for use as a barrier plant.

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    Featured Plant - Dianthus 'Classic Coral' PPAF

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    Classic Coral Dianthus

    Dianthus 'Classic Coral' PPAF

    H. 8-10" S. 12-14"
    #1 containers available now

    Striking color! 'Classic Coral' has bright coral-pink flowers that really stand out against its mounds of blue-green foliage. Small and compact, this Dianthus is a perfect choice for edging walkways and borders. Utilize where its spicy fragrance can be enjoyed.

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    Featured Plant - Matrix™ Yellow Improved Pansy

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    Matrix™ Yellow Improved Pansy

    Viola x wittrockiana 'PAS1234266'

    H. 8-12" S. 12-14"
    6" containers available now

    This series of Pansies have a uniform habit with superior branching, and produce more blooms per plant than other pansies. Matrix™ Yellow is a perfect companion to fall blooming mums, or pop into mixed containers.

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