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  • Featured Plants - Alleghany Viburnum'

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    Alleghany Viburnum

    Viburnum x rhytidophylloides 'Alleghany'

    #5 24-30", #7 30-36", #10 3' available

    Ht. 10-12' Wt. 10-12'

    An excellent shrub for all seasons! 'Alleghany' has dark, semi-evergreen, leathery foliage that turns a rich red in fall. Large, creamy-white flowers in spring are followed by edible red fruit that matures to black. Utilize for massing, screens, or as a single specimen.

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    Featured Plant - Hosta 'Vulcan'

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    Hosta Vulcan

    Hosta 'Vulcan'

    #1 containers available

    Ht. 20-24" - Wt. 30-34"

    'Vulcan' shines in the shaded garden! Its dark green leaves have a wide white center, with lighter green tones where the two colors meet. This mid-sized Hosta is perfect for darker areas of the garden, where its white centers will create the illusion of light.

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    Featured Plant - Wood Block Succulents

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    Wood Block Succulents

    Succulent Shoes

    Wood Block Succulents available

    All the rustic charm you're looking for! Wooden blocks are drilled and filled with colorful succulents, creating a unique piece. Excellent for retail sales, or as a gift for someone special!

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