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  • Hydrangea 'Dancing Snow'

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    Double Delights™ Wedding Gown Hydrangea

    Hydrangea mac. 'Dancing Snow' PP21052

    #3 containers available

    Ht. 2-3' x Wt. 3-5'

    The unique flowers of Wedding Gown Hydrangea begin as lacecaps, and fill in to Mopheads. Its double blooms are pure white and held upright on sturdy stems. Plant this consistent rebloomer in foundation plantings, perennial borders, or massed in the landscape.

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    Helenium Fuego'

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    Mariachi® Fuego Sneezeweed

    Helenium autumnale 'Fuego'

    #1 containers available

    Ht. 16-20" - Wt. 20-23"

    Part of the Mariachi™ Series of Sneezeweed, 'Fuego' has bright orange petals with a golden halo around its prominent brown cone. This bushy perennial is mildew free and will not flop. 'Fuego' provides bold color for perennial gardens, and are excellent as cut flowers!

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    Wave Petunia - 1 gallon containers

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    Wave Petunias

    Wave Petunias

    1 gallon containers available

    Cover some serious space! The vivid colors of Wave Petunias will blanket empty garden areas quickly, and without much fuss. Be sure to feed every couple weeks, and you'll be rewarded with a sea of bright color. They're excellent for containers and hanging baskets too!

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