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  • Featured Plants - Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'

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    Golden Glory Corneliancherry Dogwood

    Cornus mas 'Golden Glory'

    H. 20-25' S. 15-20'
    Several container and B&B sizes available

    Corneliancherry Dogwood are one of the first plants to wake up and welcome spring! Its umbels of yellow flowers are borne early in the season, and are followed by large red fruits in summer. Factor in its red fall color and attractive bark, and you will have a great year-round specimen.

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    Featured Plant - HGC Merlin Lenten Rose

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    HGC Merlin Lenten Rose

    Helleborus 'COSEH 810' PP22350

    H. 12-18" S. 18-24"
    #1 containers available now

    Helleborus are blooming now! Dark green, leathery foliage forms attractive evergreen mounds. Merlin displays pink flowers that face outward, with the color turning to cranberry as the flowers mature.

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    Featured Plant - Kangaroo Paws

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    Kangaroo Paws

    4" Joe Joe™ Kangaroo Paws

    4" containers available (yellow and orange)

    If you enjoy unique plants, this one is for you! The blooms of 'Joe Joe™ Orange' have a vivid color and a soft, velvety texture. Grow this drought-tolerant plant indoors near a sunny window, or utilize as a focal point in mixed outdoor containers.

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