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  • Featured Plants -  Fat Cat Norway Spruce

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    Fat Cat Norway Spruce

    Picea abies 'Fat Cat'

    H. 4' S. 4'
    #3 12-15" and #5 15-18" available

    Fat Cat has a globose shape with short, dark green needles and a dense habit. Extremely hardy, this slow growing evergreen makes a nice focal point within mixed borders, and a nice addition to rock gardens.

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    Featured Plant - Phenomenal Lavender

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    Phenomenal Lavender

    Lavandula x intermedia 'Niko' PP24193

    H. 24-30" S. 48-54"
    #1 containers available now

    Phenomenal indeed! This cultivar is disease resistant and will take temperature extremes in summer and winter without dieback. Beautiful in the perennial garden, or take advantage of its uniform, tidy habit and utilize as a low hedge.

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    Featured Plant - Kong® Coleus

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    Kong® Coleus

    Solenostemon scutellarioides (Kong® Coleus)
    (#8534-Rose #8716-Red)

    H. 18-20" S. 15-18"
    #1 containers of Kong® Rose and Kong® Red availabile now

    The Kong® series of Coleus feature unique color patterns with huge foliage. They are shade loving plants that tolerate humidity well, and have an upright, mounded habit. Excellent color for the landscape or large containers.

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