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Rosa Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton Hybrid Tea Rose


Dolly Parton - Hybrid Tea Rose
(Color: Dark Coppery Orange-Red)

Those big buxon full-figured buds and blooms sparkle with provocative orange-red color that's saturated with a powerful perfume of sweet rose and spicy cloves.  As with its namesake, she performs all the better when the hot lights are blazing down.  Large medium green foliage.

Height/Habit: Medium/Bushy
Bloom/Size:  Very large, very full
Petal Count:   35-40
Fragrance:  Strong clove and rose
Hybridizer:  Winchel - 1984
Parentage:  Fragrant Cloud x Oklahoma
Comments:  Loves warm nights.

Detailed descriptions courtesy of Weeks Roses