the superstars of late summer

Perennial Hibiscus

These hardy perennial Hibiscus are the superstars of the late summer garden. Starting in late July, Hibiscus produce huge, showy blooms into the fall season. They thrive in heavy wet soils, but also do well in average soils. Perennial Hibiscus are best grown in full sun, and some extra watering is appreciated during dry spells. They die down completely in the winter, and are slow to emerge in the spring. Many gardeners will assume that they are dead, but give them time, and the first new shoots will emerge eventually in May. Below are our perennial favorites. You can view our entire selection here - Hardy Perennial Hibiscus.

Blue River II

Hibiscus 'Blue River II'


No, it does not have blue flowers, the name comes from the town in which it was discovered. It does have large, pure white blooms that are 10" in diameter. Green foliage grows 4-5' tall.

Cherry Cheesecake PPAF - NEW!

Hibiscus 'Cherry Cheesecake'


Creamy pink buds open to 7-9" ruffled flowers that have magenta edges and veining and red centers. A Proven Winners selection, it grows 4-5' with a compact, rounded habit. Flower buds form all along the stems, not just on the top.

Cranberry Crush PP21984

Hibiscus 'Cranberry Crush'


Near black buds open to glossy 7-8" scarlet-red blooms. Deep green foliage has purple overtones. A Proven Winner selection, it is a compact grower, to 3-4' tall. Blooms form all along the stems from late summer to early fall.


Hibiscus 'Fireball'


A taller, more upright variety with green, maple-like foliage flushed with purple. Sturdy stems with red veining hold large, dark, 8-10" bright red blooms mid-summer.

Heart Throb

Hibiscus 'Heart Throb'


Near black buds open to very dark red, 8-10" diamter blooms. Compact, well-branched stems grow 4' tall.

Jazzberry Jam

Hibiscus 'Jazzberry Jam'


9' wide, heavily ruffled magenta blooms with red eyes are produced in late summer to early fall. Robust, upright plants grow 4-5' tall. Bright green foliage.

Kopper King

Hibiscus 'Kopper King'


Creamy white blooms have red centers and veining. Purple-bronze foliage contrasts well with the blooms. Blooms in late summer. Grows 3-4' tall.

Lady Baltimore

Hibiscus 'Lady Baltimore'


Size: con 2 - Qty: 1

This classic has pink blooms with dark pink centers. Blooms in late summer. Green foliage grows 4-6' tall.

Lord Baltimore

Hibiscus 'Lord Baltimore'


Size: con 2 - Qty: 3

The other half of this classic duo has large, red blooms in late summer. Grows 4-5' tall.

Midnight Marvel PP24079

Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'


Deep purple foliage contrasts with the 8-9", scarlet-red blooms. Blooms for a long time in late summer and fall, usually until the first hard frost. Grows 4" tall.

New Old Yella

Hibiscus 'New Old Yella'


The original 'Old Yella' was closer to white than yellow. this newer version is a little more yellow, but it is still a creamy yellow. Green foliage grows 4-5' tall.

Plum Fantasy

Hibiscus 'Plum Fantasy'


Lipstick-red buds open to vibrant, magenta-red blooms that are 8-9" in diameter. Blooms prolifically from late summer on. Green foliage takes on a purple tint in late summer. Grows 4-5' tall.

Robert Fleming

Hibiscus 'Robert Fleming'


Size: con 2 - Qty: 7

Large, intense maroon blooms on a compact plant from late June to fall. Hydrangea-shaped green foliage grows 3-4' tall. Moist soils are best, but it is drought tolerant.

Starry Starry Night PPAF - NEW!

Hibiscus 'Starry Starry Night'


Near black, maple-like foliage contrasts with the 7-8" pale pink flowers The blooms have dark pink veining. Grows 3-4' tall.

Summer Storm

Hibiscus 'Summer Storm'


8-10" diameter pink flowers have darker pink centers and veining. Blooms for a long time from late summer to early fall. Deep purple foliage grows 3-4' tall.

Tie Dye PP24078

Hibiscus 'Tie Dye'


Size: con 2 - Qty: 12

Ruffled, pink and white bicolor flowers have a cherry red eye. Dark green foliage grows 4-5' tall. Easy to care for and will bloom through the driest of summers.