tried and true and brand new!

Hosta Highlights

Tried and true, or brand new, these varieties are sure winners:

Blueberry Muffin

Hosta 'Blueberry Muffin'


A strong grower, the Blueberry Muffin has blue foliage that gradually turns to blue-green late in the season. The petioles and flower scapes are an attractive purple color. Lavender flowers. Grows 14" tall and 18" wide.

Brother Stefan

Hosta 'Brother Stefan'


Size: con 1 Type: Qty: 12

Registered in 1998, this variety has become a favorite of hosta enthusiasts. The large, puckered, corrugated leaves emerge in spring as blue-green with chartreuse centers. In the summer, the leaves change to dark green with gold centers. It makes a large, impressive clump with thick leaves that are slug resistant. Grows 20 in height and 24" width. Near white flowers. Voted Hosta of the Year for 2017, it is one of the showiest hostas in our beds..

Captain Kirk

Hosta 'Captain Kirk'


Size: con 1 Type: Qty: 131

An improved sport of Hosta 'Gold Standard' with wider, darker green leaves with brighter gold centers. Heavy substance to the leaves. Lavender blooms. Grows 20" tall and 30" wide.

Humpback Whale

Hosta 'Humpback Whale'


Size: con 1 Type: Qty: 119

This large hosta has blue, corrugated leaves, which turn a more blue-green in the summer. Near-white blooms. Grows 36" tall and 48" wide.

Island Breeze PPAF

Hosta 'Island Breeze'


This sharp-looking hosta has wide green margins that contrast well with the bright gold centers. Centers turn to chartreuse in heavy shade. the leaves have showy red petioles. Dark lavender flowers. Grows 12" tall and 48 inches wide.

Lakeside Paisley Print

Hosta 'Lakeside Paisley Print'


This small hosta has wavy, heart-shaped green leaves that have narrow, feathery, white centers. Light lavender flowers. Grows 10" tall and 7" wide.

Mini Skirt

Hosta 'Mini Skirt'


This miniature hosta has thick, wavy, blue-green leaves with a creamy yellow edge. Pale, lavender striped flowers on short scapes. Grows 5 inches tall and 48 inches wide.

Night Before Christmas

Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'


Size: con 1 Type: Qty: 191

A white centered hosta that grows well, this one has dark green margins and creamy white centers. Lavender blooms. Grows 26" tall and 48" wide.

Rainbow's End

Hosta 'Rainbow's End'


This smaller hosta has shiny yellow leaves with dark green areas that jet into the yellow. It has a very unique look and produces dark lavender blooms on showy red scapes. Grows 11" tall and 18" wide.


Hosta 'Vulcan'


Leaves have dark green margins surrounding the crisp white centers. The white centers do not melt out. Light lavender blooms. Grows 22" tall and 24" wide.

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